Better Infection Protection

Halyard Healthcare

A Brand Renewal to Align with Evolving Market Perceptions


Enso’s collaboration with Halyard centered on a comprehensive brand revitalisation, emphasising the rediscovery and amplification of Halyard’s core offering. The project commenced with a deep dive into Halyard’s history and values, aiming to distill key brand messages that resonated with the company’s ethos.

A pivotal aspect involved an overhaul of product photography, capturing visuals that authentically showcased Halyard’s best in class products. This imagery became the cornerstone of a revitalised visual identity across branding elements, collateral, brochures, and trade displays.

  • Product and Service Branding
  • Campaign Development and Creative Direction
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral
  • Photography
  • Online Content and Communication Campaigns

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Better Infection Protection
Halyard Healthcare