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We are a Healthcare and Technology Creative Communications Agency servicing clients globally.

We are a Healthcare and Technology Creative Communications Agency servicing clients globally.

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Explore how Blink DX leveraged Enso's extensive expertise in healthcare device branding to showcase their innovative diagnostics platform and business strategy to prospective clients and stakeholders. Specialising in the healthcare sector, Enso provided comprehensive services including Product Branding, Sales and Marketing Materials, Medical and Technical Animation, as well as end-to-end Website Design, Development, and Content Management Solutions.

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In collaboration with Takeda, Enso conceptualised, engineered, and globally launched the Zero Bleeds platform—a comprehensive mHealth solution featuring a haemophilia patient mobile app and an integrated Haemophilia Treatment Center web portal. Discover how Enso's dedication to Patient Mobile App Development led to an international deployment of this digital health application, designed to enhance treatment adherence and medical record management. Leveraging real-time data analytics, the app provides secure, instant patient monitoring to healthcare providers. Enso’s in-depth knowledge of medical industry regulations and compliance protocols facilitated the Zero Bleeds app's validation as a Class 1 Software Medical Device in the European market.

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Demonstrating its prowess as a specialised healthcare digital marketing agency, Enso joined forces with SomnoMed to engineer a transformative marketing campaign. The aim was to pivot the dialogue from solely concentrating on therapy effectiveness to a more holistic view of treatment outcomes. Enso's full suite of services—from Campaign Ideation and Artistic Direction, Copywriting, and Animation, to the creation of an Interactive Data Simulator Application, Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Materials, Social Media Content, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, and Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages—breathed life into the narrative, making it both captivating and easily digestible.


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Alere, now an integral part of Abbott—a world-renowned leader in point-of-care HIV diagnostics—sought Enso's expertise for the formulation and execution of a cutting-edge digital communication strategy for their array of HIV and comorbidity diagnostic solutions. Within this content strategy framework, Enso crafted feature-length documentary films illuminating Alere’s groundbreaking technologies and their substantial influence on patient outcomes and healthcare infrastructure. A continuous series of succinct webisodes featuring insights from industry Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) serves as a cornerstone of our long-term client engagement strategy. As a healthcare-centric marketing and communications agency, Enso is distinctively equipped to offer an all-encompassing suite of services. This spans from Campaign Ideation and Artistic Direction, Communication Roadmaps, Product Branding and Corporate Identity, Visual Product Representations and Motion Graphics, Interactive Detailing Tools and Sales Pitch Decks, Email Marketing Campaigns, Trade Show Booths & Interactive Exhibits, to the creation of specialised mobile applications compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android platforms.

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Discover how Enso orchestrated the end-to-end design, development, and deployment of a Patient Application along with a Dialysis Treatment Centre Monitoring Dashboard. Our unparalleled mastery in Medical App Development, coupled with our commitment to superior User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design, culminated in the triumphant rollout of Baxter Healthcare's specialized application. This innovative solution seamlessly monitors and analyses Quality-of-Life Metrics for Patients Transitioning to Managed Care Organisation (MCO) Dialyzers.

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As an international communications and marketing agency specialising in healthcare, Enso maintains client relationships across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, the United States, and globally. We joined forces with Sonocrete, a German-based construction technology startup, to formulate a cohesive visual brand identity, web presence, and animated content that articulate the distinct advantages of their proprietary technology. Leveraging our extensive international experience, Enso delivered tailored solutions in Product Branding and Service Identity, Sales and Marketing Assets, Website Design and Development, and Digital Content and Communication Initiatives.

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